Lab Members


The Rio Grande, facing south towards Mexico from FM170. Lab field trip November 2011.

Current Graduate Students

Kole Kubicek

Ph.D. student

Research Interests: Kole completed his masters research on early skeletal development in Sciaenops ocellatus and Cynoscion nebulosus. He is now a Ph.D. student and is working on skeletal development in catfishes, with emphasis on North American ictalurids.


Amanda Pinion

M.S. student

Research Interests: Amanda is interested in the diversity of North American freshwater fishes. She is currently investigating whether morphological differences exist between genetically distinct populations of a widespread North American minnow. Email:

Cragen King

M.S. student

Research Interests: Cragen is interested in biodiversity and using phylogenetics to explore evolutionary patterns. Her thesis research is focused on the phylogenetic relationships of the clingfishes (family Gobiesocidae). Email:

Current Undergraduate Students

Previous Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Kevin W. Conway Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes

Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections

Texas A&M University

534 John Kimbrough Blvd, TAMU 2258

College Station, TX 77843

Office: 232 WFES Building

Lab: 514/516 WFES Building


Google scholar page

Daemin Kim M.S.


Nick Bertrand M.S.


Laci Jezisek B.S.


Macaulay White B.S.


Chelsea Koenig B.S.


Chris Hemingson B.S.


Eric T. Tsakiris Ph.D.(2011-2016)

Patricia Echo-Hawk M.S.(2014-2015)

Iliana Mock M.S.(2014-2017)

Verlon Chad Baize

Mindy Dang

Erin McGrew B.S.(2015-2017)

Wendy Diaz B.S.(2016-2017)