Lab Members


The Rio Grande, facing south towards Mexico from FM170. Lab field trip November 2011.

Current Graduate Students

Kole Kubicek

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests: Kole completed his masters research on early skeletal development in Sciaenops ocellatus and Cynoscion nebulosus. He is now a Ph.D. candidate and is working on skeletal development in catfishes, with emphasis on North American ictalurids. He also enjoys looking down the microscope at other bony fishes (including everything from clupeids to snook).


Amanda Pinion

Ph.D. student

Research Interests: Amanda is interested in the diversity of North American freshwater fishes. She is currently investigating whether morphological differences exist between genetically distinct populations of a widespread North American minnow. Email:

Current Undergraduate Students

Previous Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Kevin W. Conway Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes

Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections

Texas A&M University

534 John Kimbrough Blvd, TAMU 2258

College Station, TX 77843

Office: 232 WFES Building

Lab: 514/516 WFES Building


Google scholar page

Daemin Kim M.S.


Nick Bertrand M.S.


Laci Jezisek B.S.


Macaulay White B.S.


Chelsea Koenig B.S.


Chris Hemingson B.S.


Eric T. Tsakiris Ph.D.(2011-2016)

Patricia Echo-Hawk M.S.(2014-2015)

Iliana Mock M.S.(2014-2017)

Erin McGrew B.S.(2015-2017)

Wendy Diaz B.S.(2016-2017)

Verlon Chad Baize B.S.(2017-2018)

Mindy Dang B.S.(2017-2018)

Cragen D. King M.S.(2015-2017)

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