Participants. Front row (left to right): Charling Tao, Lifan Wang, Peter Brown, Kevin Krisciunas, John Tonry, Reynald Pain, Craig Wheeler, Josh Frieman, Ariel Goobar, Alexei Khokhlov. Second and third rows (left to right): Lucas Macri, Mario Hamuy, Enrico Cappellaro, Peter Nugent, Mark Phillips, Massimo Della Valle, Chris Stubbs, Brian Schmidt, Eddie Baron, Nick Suntzeff, Peter Hoeflich. Missing from photo: Eiichiro Komatsu.

Large bass caught by Chris Stubbs in the lake at Firemeadow. Photo by Massimo Della Valle.

The official mascot of the ranch is the red cockaded woodpecker.

Abstracts of talks

These are the presentations given at Cook's Branch from 12-14 April 2012.

Eddie Baron on modelling of the slowly declining SN 2001ay

Peter Brown on ultraviolet studies of Type Ia supernovae

Enrico Cappellaro on supernovae and star formation rates

Massimo Della Valle on supernova rates vs. environments

Josh Frieman on the Dark Energy Survey

Ariel Goobar on the scattering of light near supernovae and lensing by foreground clusters

Mario Hamuy on the Calan/Tololo Survey and the Millennium Project

Peter Hoeflich on models for Type Ia supernovae

Alexei Khokhlov on incomplete detonation in Type Ia supernovae

Eiichiro Komatsu on HETDEX

Kevin Krisciunas on infrared and ultraviolet observations of Type Ia SNe

Lucas Macri on the Hubble constant, as derived from Type Ia SNe

Peter Nugent on SN 2011fe

Mark Phillips on the Carnegie Supernova Project

Brian Schmidt on Skymapper

Chris Stubbs on calibration issues

Charling Tao on warm dark matter

Lifan Wang on observations from Dome A

Craig Wheeler on the use of Type Ia's made of red dwarfs plus more massive than average white dwarfs

Things listed on the board.  What people would like to see in the future:

Improved photometric calibration

Multi-epoch spectrophotometry for all decline rates

Forget cosmology for a while.  Try to make more progress on Ia subtypes
and correlation to progenitors.

There is a lot to be said about measuring angles rather than flux
to constrain cosmology.

Ia, Ib, Ic, IIp, IIn

Get started on large scale flows.

There are 6 more subtypes of SNe to discover, maybe 7.

Are you sure the progenitors of Ia are the same at all redshifts?

Supernovae - they're so "last decade".  - Casey Papovich

It must be nice to win a Nobel Prize.

Every telescope should have a monitor providing a data stream
showing if the sky is photometric.

Space platform standard flux source

Use Ia to |  test isotropy, D_A vs. D_L
          |  constrain structure growth from other probes

So then figure out D_A for SNe!  Focussed reflection off dust.

Meeting summary

Given the strong Chilean connection amongst the participants of the workshop, the official drink was the pisco sour:

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