Participants. From left to right: Peter Brown, Ryan Foley, Bob Kirshner, Dick McCray, Chris Burns, Max Stritzinger, Mike Smitka, Lifan Wang, Brad Schaefer, Kevin Krisciunas, Massimo Turatto, Nick Suntzeff, Craig Wheeler, Ferninando Patat, Robert Quimby, Keiichi Maeda. Missing from photo: Dan Kasen, Ryan Oelkers, Yi Yang, Wenlong Yuan

The graphic of the meeting was this HST image of the remnant of Supernova 1987A on Dick McCray's left upper arm:

The official mascot of the ranch is the red cockaded woodpecker.

These are most of the presentations given at Cook's Branch from 9-11 April 2013. Dick McCray's data is embargoed by Nature at present. Max Stritzinger wishes to hold off until a paper on SN 2010ae is submitted.

Peter Brown on Understanding the Progenitor Systems of SNe Ia: Looking for shock interaction with Swift's Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope

Chris Burns on CSP I and CSP II: Past and Future Optical and NIR Follow-up of Type Ia SNe

Ryan Foley on How Supernova Progenitors Affect the Explosions.

Ben Forrest on Looking at Type Ia SNe with CMAGIC

Bob Kirshner on SN Ia: Even Better Standard Candles in the Infrared

Kevin Krisciunas on SN 2012fr

Lifan Wang on The Best SN of 2005?

Keiichi Maeda on A Few Issues in CSM Interaction Signals (and on mass loss estimates)

Ryan Oelkers on Difference Image Analysis of 2009 CSTAR Observations from Dome A in Antarctica

Nando Patat on A Step Towards Understanding Subluminous Type Ia Supernovae

Robert Quimby on Cosmology with Unusually Bright Supernovae. This contains information on PS I - 10afx, a Type Ia SN at a redshift of 1.3883 which is strongly lensed, making it 30 times brighter than it would be otherwise!

Brad Schaefer on Three measures of mass ejected by recurrent novae, the fraction of CO WDs in recurrent novae, and the fraction of SNe with post-main-sequence companions Brad's talk provided evidence that very few (maybe none) of Type Ia SNe are composed of a white dwarf and a red giant companion. The most popular model from a decade ago seems not to be right. Subgiant and main sequence companions cannot be ruled out at this time.

Mike Smitka on Observational Bolometric Light Curves and SED's of Type Ia Supernoave

Nick Suntzeff's summary of the recent Planck satellite results

Massimo Turatto on Early Interaction in Core Collapse Supernovae

Craig Wheeler on Lessons from Spectral Evolution and High-Velocity Features in Core-Normal Type Ia Supernovae

Yi Yang on Calibration of Gattini imagery from Dome A, Antarctica

Given the strong Chilean connection amongst the participants of the workshop, the official drink was the pisco sour:

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