Here is the lodge at Cook's Branch Nature Conservancy:

From 11-15 March 2019 we held our tenth workshop on supernovae and related objects at Cook's Branch Nature Conservancy, near Montgomery, Texas. We thank Sheridan Mitchell Lorenz and the Mitchell Foundation for allowing us to hold another fruitful meeting. We also thank our caterer Dorit Minyan and camp manager Kathy Hutson for their large contributions to the success of our meeting.

The official mascot at Cook's Branch is the red cockaded woodpecker.

Participants (left to right): Nick Suntzeff, Shuvo Uddin, Mark Phillips, Chris Burns, John Hillier, Abigail Polin, Ken Shen, Elena Pian, Chris Ashall, Kevin Krisciunas, Paolo Mazzali, Peter Hoeflich, Peter Brown, Sijie Chen, Eric Hsiao, Lifan Wang, Jiawen Yang. Tony Piro participated remotely.

More photos from Nick Suntzeff can be seen by clicking here .

These are some of the presentations given at Cook's Branch from 11-15 March 2019:

Mark Phillips on the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae at the extremes of the luminosity-decline rate relation: single or double degenerates?

Eric Hsiao on clues to the origins of super-Chandra exploding white dwarfs

Abigail Polin on modeling sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarf explosions as Type Ia supernovae

Shuvo Uddin on host galaxies of supernovae in the Carnegie Supernova Survey

Sijie Chen on a spectroscopic search for Type Ia supernovae in spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Chris Ashall on the use of the H-band break to probe the physics of Type Ia supernovae

Peter Brown on supernovae in the ultraviolet: where models and observations collide

Ken Shen on the success of dynamically driven double degenerate double detonation models

Tony Piro on nucleosynthetic constraints on Type Ia supernova progenitors

Paolo Mazzali on Type Ia supernovae: beyond Zorro

Elena Pian on long and short gamma-ray burst progenitors

This website is presently missing talks from Peter Hoeflich, John Hillier, and Lifan Wang. One or more may be included at a later date.

Large bass caught by Chris Stubbs in the lake at Firemeadow (ca. 2012). Photo by Massimo Della Valle.

The official drink of Cook's Branch supernova workshops continues to be the pisco sour:

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