Total Eclipse is a comic opera written in 1991 by Kevin Krisciunas and Margaret Lynn Harshbarger. It was performed on June 28 and 29, 1991, at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, co-directed by Jackie Frink and Margaret Lynn Harshbarger. Set design was by George Harshbarger.

The play takes place in Barcelona, Spain, in May of 1706. For the full script of the play, click here for the libretto.

The townspeople of Barcelona.

Archduchess Palomara (Joan Hiromasa) and Archduke Charles III (Carl Johnson).

Left: Senorita Mariposa (Margaret Lynn Harshbarger). Right: Cardinal Imbroglio (Don Barnes) and Father O'Ryan (Ray Bolkan).

Don Juan Capistrano (Kevin Krisciunas) and Senorita Mariposa (Margaret Lynn Harshbarger) are accused of conspiring to inform the public about the solar eclipse of May 12, 1706.

Left: A beautiful gypsy girl (Kelly Hamora). Right: The mayor, Don Vaselinio (John Kooistra) and the cardinal's cleaning lady (Marlene Valeriani).

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