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Hello, my name is Lu Tang and I am a Professor at the Department of Communication and Journalism, Texas A&M University. I am the Director of the Data Justice Lab, a lab affiliated with the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science.


I am a health communication researcher studying how emerging technologies such as AI and chatbot can be used for health promotion with a special focus on ethics and social justice. I also study the content and diffusion of health information and misinformation on social media using new computational methods such as natural language processing and social network analysis. Another line of my research focuses on culture, health communication, and minority health using mixed methods.


My work is supported through fundings from the NIH, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.


My work on risk and crisis communication during public health crises and misinformation has been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      My recent paper on how YouTube creates filter bubbles of vaccine misinformation was cited in the Surgeon Generalís report on Vaccine Misinformation.

      My work on COVID-19 information seeking and avoidance has been included in the recently published 12th edition of the classic textbook: Theories of Human Communication (Littlejohn, Foss, & Oetzel, 2021).

      More media coverage in CNBC, Time,Bloomberg Law, Houston Chronicle among others.


I am the Vice President of the Chinese Communication Association, a scholarly organization with a focus on research on Chinese communication topics. I also an Associate Editor of Communication Monograph and serve on the editorial boards of several journals including Health Communication, and Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.








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