Helical Coil Steam Generator


The present study focuses on the analysis of the flow in the shell side of a 24-degree cut helical coil steam generator (HCSG) with large eddy simulation (LES). In the study, the open source, high-order spectral element CFD code Nek5000 was employed for numerical simulation. LES was performed at a Reynolds number of 9000 based on the inlet velocity and tube diameter. Spectral analysis was carried out along the tube bundle to investigate vortex shedding and to reveal shedding frequencies in HCSGs. Wavelet analysis was carried out to determine the time-frequency information of the fluctuating velocities in the domain. Flow was decomposed into modes with proper orthogonal decomposition, which revealed most energetic coherent structures in the flow and evolution of the modes in time. Multi-resolution dynamic mode decomposition was employed for the wavelet-inspired analysis of the coherent structures in the domain. For the validation of Nek5000 in complex geometries, results from the numerical simulation were compared with experiments conducted at Texas A&M University.


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