As a Junior Computer Engineering major in the Texas A&M University Engineering honors program, I will bring an engineering mindset, problem solving capabilities, and strong team-work skills and enthusiasm to any project I am assigned.

I am an Eagle Scout, where I gained experience leading peers on multiple years of campouts and expeditions. As a leader on the Philmont high adventure, I led 12 Scouts on an 88 mile hike over 11 days in the New Mexico rugged terrain. At Rice University I taught Python as an instructor for iD Tech to more than 40 high school students over 5 one-week sessions. I successfully gave students with no prior programming experience a solid introduction and understanding of object-oriented programming in Python. I consistently received high review ratings from both students and my supervisors.

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I am skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk programs including Inventor and Maya. My high school engineering course used Autodesk Inventor and Maya to model, prototype, and blueprint projects. In the Summer of 2019, as an instructor for iD Tech. In one session I taught Maya to a class of 8 students. In a short period, the students were able to model furniture in a room.

I love animation and I enjoy drawing and making small animated works. I am a member of the Texas A&M SIGGRAPH chapter and volunteered at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles. I was invited by Blue Sky’s Amy Richard to attend the Blue Sky industry party, and learned more about the studio.

I want a career that challenges me for life, always learning and creating new things; one that is more than just a job. I expect a career utilizing a solid engineering background that will lead me into different projects and problems to understand and solve. This will keep my work life interesting and provide an ongoing opportunity to learn new things. My life will be more fulfilling with a career that provides opportunities to make meaningful changes in people’s lives. I hope to have a career that makes it fun to go to work every day.


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Email: michaelstewart@tamu.edu