Computer Science

I have taken Data Structures and Algorithms classes at Texas A&M University in College Station, and know multiple programming languages including: C++, Python, Java, HTML, ARM Assembly.

In my computer architecture class the last project was to create the architecture of an ARM based CPU in Verilog and simulate it on an FPGA.

In my computer science class I wrote programs supporting client-server program interactions running in a Linux Operating System enviroment. It can accomplish file and data transfer over a network across different computers.


I was the project leader on a six week programming project in which my 5-person, Agile run team created a web application called Auxillia. Our project was designed to allow students to find and connect with Tutors that attend their school. The project utilized Google Firebase for our database to keep track of user data, Flask for our backend, React and HTML5 for our front end, Twillio API for our instant message chat feature, Paypal API for our tutor payment system, and Zoom API to allow students to call and talk with their tutor.

Login Page
Tutor Search Page
Tutor Profile Page, allows the user the ability to schedule a time with a tutor
Chat Function

Students can log into our website and either search for a tutor and time to schedule a session, or they can utilize our chat feature to ask questions. To select an appropriate tutor, a user may choose to go to a tutor's profile page where they will be able to see more information about the tutor, select a time to schedule, include any comments they would like the tutor to know, and pay the tutor for their scheduled appointment.
If a user has a question they need answered more quickly, they can utilize our chat feature to connect with an available tutor. From the home page users can enter the chat after paying a small fee to pay for the tutor's time spent answering these quicker questions. From there the student will enter the chat with two channels a general and a class specific channel. The tutor can enter the students class specific channel and answer their questions. Tutors will be paid for answering questions or tutor sessions after their interaction with students have ennded.

I created this website in HTML5.

I would like to research frame interpolation using deep learning and in frame object analysis. I would like to investigate the applications when it comes to interpolating hand drawn animations from 12 or less frames to 24 frames per second or above. I believe such research would greatly cut the cost of hand drawn animation.


Houston, US
Phone: 832-628-7220
Email: michaelstewart@tamu.edu