Our lab has a broad interest in evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics.  Our main focus is on understanding the evolution of insect-bacteria associations, particularly those involving heritable endosymbionts.

We also have a strong interest in phylogenetics and historical biogeography of diverse organisms, particularly from western Mexico.


Fly picture from J. T. Patterson. Studies in the genetics of Drosophila. III. The Drosophilidae of the Southwest. University of Texas Publications, 4313:7-216, 1943

Spiroplasma picture from http://www.ars.usda.gov/Research/docs.htm?docid=11427

16S rDNA gene-based phylogeny of Spiroplasma strains associated with twelve Drosophila species examined to date (red) and some of their close relatives in black and blue (blue indicates species with ongoing genome sequencing projects).  Modified from Haselkorn et al. (2009).  Names in parenthesis indicate the native Drosophila host.