Associate Professor Political Science

Michael T. Koch

Howdy! Welcome to my home page. What do I do? I examine the intersections of domestic politics and international conflict. I show how domestic political competition, the institutions that structure it and the subsequent outcomes affect the conflict behavior of states. These include government durability, partisanship, approval and gender. I also examine the reciprocal relationship of how conflict outcomes affect political competition and political behavior. In addition I study when events happen and not just why. For example, my research examines how domestic political factors shape decision over when to quit, when to keep fighting and even when to escalate. I am also a principal co-investigator of the MIPS (Military Interventions by Powerful States) data project with Patricia Sullivan.

I also have interests in Terrorism, Alliance Behavior and the Chicago Cubs

Michael T. Koch

Department of Political Science
Texas A&M University
2010 Allen Building
4348 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4348
Tel: (979) 845-2511
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