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Texas A&M University May 2017 - Presnet

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science & Engineering

I am working as a Research Assistant in the DATA (Data Analytics at Texas A&M) Lab supervised by Dr. Xia (Ben) Hu.

Texas A&M University Aug. 2016 - Dec. 2016

Ph.D. Student in Electrical & Computer Engineering

I worked as a Research Assistant in the NIS (Networking and Infomation Systems) Lab supervised by Dr. Xi Zhang.

Xidian University Sept. 2013 - March 2016

Master of Science in Communication & Infomation System

I worked in the SCL (Smart Communication Lab) supervised by Dr. Qinghai Yang

Xidian University Sept. 2009 - July 2013

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering

Research Interests

Machine Learning

  • Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-Objective Learning
  • Recommendation System

Wireless Communication

  • Heterogeneous Wireless Communication
  • Radio Resource Allocation and Management
  • Green Communications


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