Texas A&M University
Nicholas Tillerson
February 10th 2020



I am 25 years old and originally from San Antonio. I grew up playing baseball and video games. I love games of all kinds and am extremely competitive. When I am not doing schoolwork, I am usually playing league, chess, and poker. Many people ask if I am related to Rex Tillerson the former CEO of Exxon and Secretary of State, and technically this is true. The reality though is that I come from a normal working-class family, and I have only met Rex once at a distant family function. Though I am proud of his achievements, I do not intend on ever being someone who uses their name to get advantages. The reason I am older than some of my classmates is that I took a few years off from school to save enough money to support myself while in school. I have personally financed my entire college career and will be graduating during the fall of 2022.

Around 2014 I began to learn about bitcoin due to all the hype from it rising to around $300. In doing so, I began to research how the blockchain itself worked. Mathematics has always been my best subject, so I studied the proofs that support how the blockchain functions. I was blown away at what this system was capable of doing and how elegantly the entire system actually functions. Soon after, I began mining for myself. I have been telling anyone who will listen that blockchain technology will quite literally change our entire monetary system. It is quite possibly the most powerful technological development of the 21st century, and it will provide efficiency in transacting that the market will be unable to ignore. After graduation, I would like to work for a company that sells or distributes blockchain related products.