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Hi I am Nitish Chandra Graduate Student Texas A & M University

Nitish Chandra



I like to code. I like solving problems. I am experienced in Full Stack Software Development having worked at Facebook Oracle


I constantly blog about Data Structures and Algorithm2


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Tiny SQL Interpreter

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  • 2010-2014


    I started to pursue my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engg at Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi - India.

  • June 2014

    First Job

    I joined Oracle as Cloud Infrastructure Developer.

  • June 2017

    Summer 2017

    I joined Facebook as Software Development Intern.

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Reasons for taking this course

With the advent of printing press in 1600 Europe Entered the age of Renaissance. With the writing down of Rig Veda in 1700 BC the Indian Civilization entered its golden phase. It was writing or new script that was the cornerstone of all the civilations of the old World. More often than not the advent of new media has changed the world. Books and written word has been the most common media for a long time , so often it was not paid that much attention as a form of media but with the advent of television and later the World Wide Web the field of new media has seen a rapid change and growth. Over the last 20 years we have seen the advent of media like Facebook, google which can affect the world in a way that was not possible earlier. Consider the case of Fake news If google or facebook posts something that is not entirely true, majority of the planet will consume that information without any protest. so Mcluhan idea that media is the information is more true now rather than ever. The reasons for taking this course were manifold, I wanted to learn about the new media and how they impact human civilization. How does the old media interact with the new media. Are the impact of new media dependent on demographics? If so How?

List of Media I interact with

There are varieties of media I interact with. Here are some of them.

Apple 16 GB RAM 500 GB HDD


This is the most common media I use, The majority of my time is spent on

  • Facebook
  • For online socializing if there is any such word

  • WhatsApp
  • For checking on your loved ones

  • Youtube
  • Mostly for listening music and watching viral videos

    Mobile Android

    Second most used media

    This is the second most common media I use, The majority of my time is spent on

  • WhatsApp
  • Again For checking on your loved ones

  • Youtube
  • Mostly for listening music and watching viral videos



    Favourite TV Shows

    Favourite TV Shows


    I write fortnightly Blogs in Medium

    This is an assignment of the course 656 Computers and New Media.

    Most of the people took this class to learn about Human Computer Interaction and how the advent of new media has transformed the literary space and human interaction with media. A lot of people like Nur wanted a break from their speciality field so they decided to take up this class.
    Media Devices
    Most of the people including me and people Like Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Lei Gao, Gunlun Zhao, Savinay Narendra, Jacob Fenger use the big four media devices that is Laptop , cell phone, Books, Blogs
    In Laptop they spend most of the time scrolling social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube.
    Youtube is used by most of the people to watch videos and listen to songs.
    There are also people like Kai Zhang who use spotify for Music but more or less people listen to music on many media devices
    Laptop is also a popular device for checking mail.
    Books are also a popular media device, though less popular than Laptop.
    People using it are Rahul, Jacob Fenger, Samia.
    A variant of Books like Newspaper and Magazines are also consumed by many students like Ivan Fuentes
    A lot of people also spent their time gaming and discussing game strategy.
    People like Gunlun Zhao, Nishant Barma, Kai Zheng, Jacob Hallenberger TV shows are also a popular media device with lot of people watching sitcoms like Friends, Silicon Valley, Seinfeld
    Some people also use Online streaming services like Twitch, Hulu, Netflix
    People are a big user of instant Messaging services such as Whatsapp, Discord, Wechat, stream
    People like Abhilash also use audio books.
    Some people also enjoying watching TV and different channels like Food Network and NatGeo.
    Only some people like Me and Yaohua Mary Ma write blogs.
    Some people use Laptop to watch Radio.

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