SCSC 607 Crop PHYSIOLOGY (3-0)

Description: A study of physiological processes and mechanisms of major agronomic crops in relation to their environment. Special topics that will be covered include an introduction to plant growth simulation modeling and the interrelationships between plant physiology and remote sensing.

Term: Spring every even years
Schedule: TR 9:35-10:50 AM

Location: BICH 403

Office Hours: Walk-in/by appointment


SCSC 441 Crop Production Systems (3-0)

Description: This witing intensive capstone course for seniors is designed to reinforce and integrate the concepts for crop production and management.

Term: Fall every year
Schedule: MWF 11:30-12:20

Location: Room 224, Heep Center (Soil and Crop Sciences)

Office Hours: Walk-in/by appointment

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