TAMU Fractals
Research Team

The pandemic summer of 2020 found me working with the Sierpinski gasket (SG) and its "spectral appearance". The information I was in looking for did not seem to be available first hand and I realized that there are still some gaps in our understanding of its structure. Out of the wish to delve into the spectral picture (eigenvalues and eigenfunctions) of SG the Undergraduate Fractals Research Team was launched in Fall 2020. Currently it is partially supported by an NSF grant.


Current members

During the academic year 2020-2021, the founding members Amy, Jessica, Angelica and Xochitl started coding an approximating fractal calculator and investigating several striking spectral features of SG. Their findings have laid the groundwork for a series of exciting projects ahead!

In this academic year 2021-2022, Jules, Catherine, Veronica and Emily continue these investigations and we look forward to posting you about new developments!

More about the topic

The spectrum of the Sierpinski gasket was described by Fukushima and Shima in a genealogical way that one can implement in a computer program. Later on, Kigami, Strichartz and many other authors made also possible to provide algorithms to construct eigenfunctions.