Male caribou from the central Arctic Herd in the foothills of the Brooks Range in Alaska during July. P.S. Barboza

Wildlife Conservation and Policy

About my lab group

The principal focus of our research is the consequences of life history and environmental change on nutrition. Our current projects are focussed on ungulates (e.g., reindeer, caribou, moose, muskoxen, white-tailed deer) but we also study waterfowl (e.g. ducks and geese) as well as non-game species (e.g. porcupines and bats) in both wild and captive populations. We attempt to provide information that will expand policy options for managing wildlife populations and their habitats.

Addresses - Contacts

Mail & Departmental Office:

Wildlife Fisheries and Ecological Sciences, Building 1537, 534 John Kimborough,  2258 TAMU, College Station TX 77843.  

Office Room 274. Phone: 979-845-3492



Lab Manager:

Rachel Shively, Research Associate

Phone: 719-428-9664

Perry S. Barboza Ph.D.

Professor, Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Boone & Crockett Chair in Wildlife Conservation & Policy

Texas A&M University

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