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Computers and New Media

About Me

I am from India. I am a soccer enthusiast. I like playing soccer, watching soccer, movies, TV Series and exploring new people and places.


I am a computer science graduate student at Texas A&M University. I am currently working under Dr. James Caverlee for my thesis on Soccer Data Analytics.


I like to code. I am interested in fields of Data Analytics and Machine Learning. My primary language to code is JAVA. However, I have recently developed my affinity towards Python as well.


  • Backend - Java, Python, C++, SQL
  • Frontend - HTML, JavaScript - Node.js, Knockout.js, Angular.js, CSS
  • Frameworks - REST Framework, Selenium, Velocity Template Engine, Swagger.io, AngularJS 5

New Medias

Why are we learning about Computers and New Medias? We start by going back to :

  • 1833 - The invention of modern rotary press by Richard Hoe.
  • 1876 - Alexander Graham Bell's invention of telephony.
  • 1890s - Technology and motion picture photography and projection by Lumière brothers and Thomas Edison.
  • 1920 - First commercial radio station KDKA operated by Westinghouse in Pittsburgh.
  • 1941 - First Commercial Television - NBC and CBS commenced limited wartime television broadcasts in New York.
  • 1993 - First user-friendly web browser at the University of Illinois.

We can see the tremendous growth of media in over one and half century and currently, we are standing in the era of information technology with the comprehensive use and reliability on internet for our day-to-day workings. Big corporates are revolutionizing media world by changing the way we communicate using Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) - Amazon's Alexa, Facebook's Oculus, Google's Day Dream, Microsoft's Hololens. All this stuff is too interesting to be ignored and I started to ponder over this stuffs. CSCE 656 Course - Computer and New Media provides a base for understanding the historical significance of the media, its evolution, different approaches to connect with the new media, criticism and approval to these approaches and the future of media technology.

  • Laptop
    • Mails
    • Academic work
    • Games - FIFA
    • Social Media - Facebook, Hangouts, GOAL.com
    • TV Series - Suits, Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, WestWorld, White Collar, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Friends ....
  • Mobile
    • Social Media - Instagram, WhatsApp
    • Games - Cricket, Arcade games
    • Youtube Music
  • Books & Novels
    • Academic Books
    • Dan Brown Novels - Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol, Deception Point
    • Ayn Rand Novels
    • David Baldacci's "The Simple Truth"
    • Khaled Hosseini's "Kite Runner"
  • Portable Speakers
    • Music through any bluetooth device

CSCE 656 Assignment 2

A compariosn of interests of my classmates in new medias.

Reason for taking this course

While observing the profile of my classmates of this course, I realized most of students share the same interests as me. they have taken this course can be summarized by following points:

  • Evaluate how new media could help in bringing about the change in our day-to-day lives.
  • Discover and learn something new.
  • Understand the evolution of human and computer interaction and innovate something on their own.

Common Interests

I noticed that almost all the students, though varying genres, have common interests of following TV Series as the form of media. Secondly, most of the students have keen interests in Music and Social media (particularly Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). Some students have fascination for reading books, news and blogs. I share my interests most with Nishant Barma, Nitish Chandra, Jacob Fenger, Chu-ching Hsu, Chengyi Min, Xiaoyu Wang and Roger Solis. Most of my common interests are Facebook, Instagram, TV-Series, and Youtube.

Comparison of Interest

Name/MediaLaptopMobileBooksSpeakersInterested to explore
Nishant Barmasocial media - facebook, instagram, tv series (not any one specific), gamesVideo streaming and mobile games Music - Pandora (I would like to explore) 
Nitish Chandrasocial media - facebook, tv series - game of thrones, breaking badwhatsapp, youtubeNo books in common but I would like to explore Blogs and some TV series
Purna Doddapanenigames (not anything in common though), tv series - friends, emailing  Music - Spotify (I would like to explore)Spotify
Jacob Fengertv series - breaking bad, black mirror, emailingInstagram, youtubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Spotify (I would like to explore)Spotify, News, books
Ivan Fuentessocial media - facebook, tv series (not any one specific), black mirrorInstagram, youtube  Newspaper, documentaries, radio
Lei GaoYoutube    
Neil GibeautGame of thrones, gamesInstagram  Podcasts, video games, reddit
Jacob Hallenbergeremailing, web browsingYoutube  Reddit, news, PC games
Chu-ching Hsusocial media - facebook, tv series - friendswhatsapp, games Music - coldplaySmartphone games, "barrage" videos, other music interests
Leyi Huemailing, TV series -Suitswhatsapp Music - coldplayOther TV series, Radio and music interests
Nur Hafieza Ismailemailinginstagram, whatsapp   
Samia Kabirtv series - Game of thrones, FacebookYoutubeNo books in common but I would like to explore Novels, TV series
Di Lugames (we didn't have anything in common though)Youtube Music - coldplayMusic and gaming interests, News
Yaohua Maemailing, games (nothing in common though)Youtube Music - Nothing in common but I would like to exploreNews, games and music interests
Chengyi Mingames (nothing in common though), tv series - Games of thronesYoutubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Nothing in common but I would like to exploreComic, books and video games interests
Savinay Narendrasocial media - facebook, sportsInstagram, youtube  Radio and mass media
Yash Sharmatv series - friends, house of cards, social media - facebookYoutube Music - coldplayMusic, news, reddit
Roger Solissocial media - facebook, hangouts, emailingWhatsappNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Nothing in common but I would like to exploreMusic, video games, movies
Zheng Tangsocial media - facebookYoutube Music - Spotify (I would like to explore) 
Abhilash VallamkondaemailingyoutubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Spotify (I would like to explore)Audiobooks and paperbooks
Xiaoyu Wangsocial media - facebook, tv series - game of thronesYoutubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Nothing in common but I would like to explorenews, comics
Yang Yangsocial media - facebookYoutubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Spotifyradio, tv, "billibilli"
Guanlun Zhaosocial media - facebookYoutubeNo books in common but I would like to exploreMusic - Nothing in common but I would like to exploremovies, podcasts
Kai Zheng InstagramNo books in common but I would like to explore review websites, online forums, Hupu website, video games


Some of my projects that I can showcase.

Gaze Authentication System

Sketch Recognition

Attractions - Alexa Skill

TAMUHack 2018


Information Storage and Retrieval


My progress through academics.

  • 2010-2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    I started to pursue my Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications at National Institute of Technology, Surat - India.

  • November 2014

    A Coder is Born

    I joined Oracle Financial Services Software Limited as Associate Applications Developer.

  • July 2016

    Transition to Full Service

    I developed my interests for prgramming over the work and in July 2016, decided to pursue my Masters of Science in Computer Science at Texas A&M University

  • Spring 2018

    Back to School

    I started in Fall 2016 and I am heading for my graduation, hopefully by the end of this semester.

  • To

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Me and some of my work.

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The two demos are part of my academics and have been worked out in a team.

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