Robert Lightfoot

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Texas A&M University

104 Engineering Activities Building - B (EAB-B)

About Me

I received my Masters of Science in Software Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU) through the gracious support of Digital Switch Corporation (DSC) while I was working there as a Software Engineer. I received my BS in Computer Science at Texas A&M University. While at Texas A&M I worked at several campus help desks and research projects with Civil Engineering.

I gained my industry experience working at Ericson, now Sony-Ericsson, in network development, at DSC and Motorola in Cellular Infrastructure development, project and product management, and technical marketing. I also owned a company that worked with software and machinery manufactures to develop custom networked and computer controlled automation equipment.

Currently Teaching

Spring 2019

CSCE 111 Introduction to Computer Science (Java)

CSCE 315 Programming Studio

Previously Taught

Fall 2018

CSCE 111 Introduction to Computer Science (Java)

CSCE 482/483 Capstone

Spring 2018

CSCE 111 Introduction to Computer Science (Java)

Fall 2017

CSCE 111 Introduction to Computer Science (Java)

2014 - 2017 TEEX

AWR 135, Promoting Community Cyber Security

AWR 136, Essentials of Community Cybersecurity (ECCS)

MGT 384, Community Preparedness for Cyber Incidents

MGT 385, Community Cybersecurity Exercise Planning