Roger Solis

Masters Student

Why Computers and New Media?

I'm on this class because I have interests in analyzing the way the new media has changed in a general sense the way we live, and how it continues to change it. I also find interesting the idea of exploting what the new media has to offer in order to reach in a better way the audiences. Finally, with a better understanding of the topic I expect to apply the knowledge in future projects.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

The media I use every week

The relationship with my classmates

After looking at my classmates' profiles, I have realized that even though we have very particular preferences on music or movies, must of us use social media on a regular basis. Facebook, seems to be the most popular one and is used by Chu-Ching Hsu, Purna Doddapaneni, and Savinay Narendra just to name a few.

It was also common that people use video streaming services like Netflix or YouTube, like Nishant Barma, Nur Hafieza Ismail, Jacob Hallenberger.

I also observed that many students spend some time playing video games, even though there are not many in common, it looks like shooters or MOBAs tends to be the most popular type of games, like League of Legends and Overwatch, on which we can see Yaohua Ma, Kai Zheng.

Listen to music seems to be another very common activity among students like Xiaoyu Wang and Di Lu, and most people seem to be interested in pop or rock genres.

Finally, I've seen that must of students (Samia Kabir, Nitish Chandra and Yang Yang) are in the class because they want to learn more about how the media is immersed in our actual society, how do we use it and how to get the most of it.