Hidalgo Falls Access Agreement

Texas Rivers Protection Association

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Access and use of the TRPA property at Hidalgo Falls is restricted to certified paddlers and their registered guests. I have completed an orientation program onsite, and I expect to be given the combination to the entrance gate lock when it is confirmed that I am eligible for certification, which means that I have fulfilled one of the following:

The orientation highlighted  the boundaries of the TRPA property, the river access easement, and other items noted below. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge as a certified paddler and combination holder the following obligations and duties: Because no one can be certified until it is confirmed that he or she has fulfilled at least one of the eligibility requirements listed above, I cannot give out the combination to anyone. (Note: this is a change in TRPA policy effective on August 1, 2004.) If my email address or phone number changes, I will inform TRPA and the Hidalgo Falls newlist so that I can be notified when the lock combination is changed in mid-April each year.

TRPA is not liable for damage to personal property or injuries to paddlers or their guests. If I or members of my party fail to follow these regulations (including registration), my certification may be revoked and access to the TRPA property prohibited. The combination to the gate lock is changed annually or at the discretion of the steering committee. Access to the property may be restricted or amended during special events.

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_____________________________     _________________________________
 Paddler's signature                                  Paddler's name (printed)
_____________________________     ____________________      __________
 Email address                                         Phone number                        Date
_____________________________     _________________________________
 Vehicle License Plate #                           Make, Model, Year
_____________________________     _________________________________
 Certifier's signature                                 Certifier's name (printed)

Sign the sheet, tear along dotted line, and give the bottom portion to the person certifying you (who will pass it on to TRPA). If you have fulfilled at least one of the eligibility requirements listed above, you will receive notice of the combination by email or phone shortly.

Revised 4-8/07