Baruch Spinoza Isaac Newton George Berkeley Rene Descartes G. W. Leibniz John Locke David Hume Etienne Bonnot de Condillac

South Central Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy

Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO
September 26-27, 2003

The fifth annual meeting of the South Central Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy will be held Friday-Saturday, September 26-27, at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. Like similar seminars in other parts of the country, the South Central Seminar is an informal group designed to foster interaction among scholars working on topics in the history of early modern philosophy.

Schedule of Events

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Friday, September 26

2:00   Andrew Pessin, Kenyon College
          Divine and Non-divine Eternal Truths in Descartes

3:00   Geoffrey Gorham, Macalester College
          Descartes on the Endurance of the Soul

4:00   Michael LeBuffe, Texas A&M University
          Spinoza's Rationalist Ethics

5:00   Madeleine Arseneault, University of Wisconsin, Madison
          Good and Evil in Spinoza's Ethics

7:30   Dinner for all registered attendees and guests

Saturday, September 27

9:00     Laurence Carlin, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
            Leibniz on Final Causation

10:00   Michael Losonsky, Colorado State University
            Of Angels and Human Beings: Locke, Leibniz, and Condillac on Language

11:00   Lex Newman, University of Utah
            Locke's Ideas and the Intelligibility of the Distinction of Primary and Secondary Qualities

12:00   Lunch

2:00     Eric Schliesser, Washington University, St. Louis
            Berkeley's Response to Newton: Philosophy between Common Life and Natural Philosophy

3:00     Girard Brenneman, Johns Hopkins University
            Broadening the Scope of Humean Natural Believing

4:00     Kaveh Kamooneh, University of Minnesota
            Normativity and Generality: A Study in the Unity of Hume's Treatise

5:00     Yumiko Inukai, University of Pennsylvania
            Hume's Bundling Problem: Our Experience of the Unity of the Self

All sessions will be held in the Knights Room of the Pius XII Library on the Saint Louis University campus. Although there is no registration fee for the seminar, we ask that you register for the seminar and indicate your intention to attend the dinner by contacting either

Steve Daniel
Department of Philosophy
Texas A&M University
Phone: 979-845-5619 or 979-846-4649

Scott Ragland
Department of
Saint Louis University

Phone: (314) 977-3064 or (314) 977-3149

Accommodations are available at the Cheshire Inn (6300 Clayton Road, on the southwest corner of Forest Park). Because the Cheshire is a 15 minute drive to campus, participants will have to use the hotel shuttle bus to get to the seminar. For reservations, call 314-647-7300 and mention you are with the “Early Modern Philosophy Conference” to get the conference rate of $72.82/night.

From the airport you can get to the Cheshire Inn either by cab or the MetroLink light rail system. For a cab, call the Cheshire and they will have a County Cab pick you up and bring you to the Inn for $21 (same fare for up to four persons). You can also take the Metrolink (which on Friday morning and early afternoon leaves the airport every 20 minutes) to the Central West End station for $3. When you reach the station, call the Cheshire and they will send their shuttle van to pick you up. For a map of the Saint Louis University campus, click here.