More than a computer science engineer.

  I'm Shuyu Wang. In Chinese, "shu" means books, and "yu" means light, so the meaning of my name is to light up my life with knowledge. As it happens, that's also the motto I've been living up to.

  I was born and brought up in a very close family in China. I used to live with my parents and grandparents in Beijing, and they surely became the first and the most important people I learned from. My grandparents and my mother are all doctors, and my father is an electrical engineer, so naturally, the most important thing I've learned from my families is the importance of education and hardworking.

  From this, you might have already guessed how nerdy I am. In fact, learning and exploring has become an inseparable part of my life, even a habit. I’m always willing to learn about new knowledge and expand my view in my major or out of my major. I do my best in school work, and I always finish up my projects ahead, so that I can leave time to correct possible errors and polish it as much as I can.

  To be honest, I didn’t even know what coding is before my senior year in high school. For sure I didn’t have an access to advanced computers or coding classes when I was little. But I wouldn’t call myself a late-starter, because I believe that diligence will make up for the time. If anything, I believe it’s the steadfast attitude and my hardworking that carried me this far academically. Certainly, I’m also going to carry these beliefs with me in my future studies and career.

  Besides school works, my interests are broad. I like stargazing, literature, and doing translation works. Reading mythologies from different culture has been my hobby since I was little, and I picked up stargazing mainly because I saw its connection with mythologies and culture. I read about not only the western star map, but also the Ancient Chinese star map and their linkage to literature. Also, I’m bilingual in Chinese and English, so I’ve also done some translation of short stories, lyrics and so on, published on my blog, mainly for entertainment. In my opinion, this kind of curiosity about the world gave me the ability of flexibly adapting to a new environment quickly.

  All in all, this is me. More than a computer science engineer.

If you are interested in stargazing, TAMU has a star party.
Also, if you are curious about my translation work, here's some lyrics I've done:
Love me like there's no tomorrow - Freddie Mercury
Anywhere is - Enya
Wait For It - Leslie Odom Jr
Apart Together - Tim Minchin (lyric in MV)
(Now you probably know about my music taste, too. My genre is "NERDY".)

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