Project 02
Shuyu Wang
In this Assignment, we are aming to improve the Dithering method from Assignment 1.

At first, we tried adding noise into the image before doing Floyd-Steinberg. We did a few examples using the dark and small scale input example from HW1, since the floyd-Steinberd didn't work well with the pure black and white areas.
Here are some results with different noises:




From all the results we can see that the improvement is not very obvious. Gaussian probably shows the best effect in adding some features into the pure dark area while maintaining the pattern of the bright area. But the results are still not very artistic. Hence, we turned to Artistic Screening.

Artistic Screening
For artistic screening, we separate original image into square bounding boxes and drawing dots using circle functions as we learnt at the beggining of our class. Here we haven't done anything special to handle the situation where the radius of the circle is larger than half of the side length of Bounding Box yet.
We tried with a basic circle drawing method first, where the black and white color are assigned based on if the pixel lands in the circle function. The following example shows drawing a r=4 circle:

Here are some results using an input image:
Bounding Box size = 7x7:

Bounding Box size = 4x4:

Then, we improved the circle drawing method, as this one shown here, still with radius = 4:

Bounding Box size = 7x7:

Bounding Box size = 4x4:

For the next assignment, we would try to improve the artistic screening with a different way of handling the situation where r > side/2, and adding color palette into the image instead of greyscale only.