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Mastery of C++.


Mastery of Python.


Mastery of OpenGL.


Mastery of MATLAB.


Mastery of Haskell.


Native Chinese speaker.

Computer Graphics.

My main focus in on Computer Graphics, especially on image or 3D view synthenising.
I started from an internship about processing and denoising electrophysiology Intracardiac ECG signals using MATLAB, which technically lies in Signal Processing field, but it got me thinking about higher dimension image processing.
So during my undergrad years, I took Computer Graphics, Computational Photography, and Computer Animation classes, and finished an undergraduate research on image-based relighting using neural implicit representation. I worked on projects like creating and using mesh and shading models, Texture mapping, Ray tracing, Keyframing, Linear Blend Skinning, Hierarchical animation, Blendshapes, Inverse Kinematics, Cloth Simulation, 2D FEMs, Image processing, and got familiared with Machine Learning techniques as well. The project depicted in the image here is of cloth simulation.
Currently, I'm working on improving 3D Generative Adversarial Networks. I'm also taking Physic-based Modeling and Digital Image courses, which would help me expand my view in Computer Graphics area. I'm really looking forward to keep going on the track and manage to contribute to the field one day.

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