About Me

Sina Mohseni
CS PhD Candidate
Texas A&M University

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I am a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University. I am pursuing my PhD working with Dr. Eric Ragan from University of Florida and Dr. Ben Hu from Texas A&M University. My PhD research is on Explainable AI (or interpretable machine learning) topic, which I study ways to design and evaluate Explainable AI systems as a part of the DARPA XAI program. I also work on machine learning safety topic and published papers on different deep learning techniques to improve model trustworthiness and dependability. Besides these, I have a background in visual analytic, crowdsourcing techniques, and user behavior analysis.

I have always been seeking to solve deep problems in my research and have never given up on my ideas. I believe being creative, goal-oriented, and hardworking helped me the most throughout my research. I have collaborated with engineers and scientists in my field while working at Bosch and Nvidia and collaborating remotely with University of Florida. Prior to joining Texas A&M, I was studying at Oregon State University. I studied M.Sc. in Electronic Systems Engineering at Babol Noshirvany university of Technology (working on computer vision and optimization algorithms) and earned my B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Isfahan, Iran.

You can find my resume here.

News and Highlights

[Sept. 2020] I successfully defended my PhD dissertation and completed my Computer Science education journy. I want to express my gratitude to my co-advisors, Dr. Eric Ragan and Dr. Xia (Ben) Hu for advising and supporting my research. Special thanks to my committee members Dr. Frank Shipman and Dr. Shuiwang Ji for their comments and suggestions. I have learned a lot, had many great experiences in my PhD years, and appreciate all the opportunities that my university and sponsors provided to me.
[Apr. 2020] I am attending the CHI 2020 virtual workshop on Fair and Responsible AI to present our paper on user trust on XAI systems.
[Mar. 2020] Three accepted papers at CHI 2020 workshops on AI for CHI and Fair and Responsible AI !
[Mar. 2020] I won the 2nd place at TAMU Industrial Affiliates Program Research Competition! Slides
[Feb. 2020] Honored to receive the CS department travel grant for for my trip to AAAI conference!
[Jan. 2020] Honored to receive the student travel award from the AIES conference for the second year!
[Dec 2019] My review paper on Practical Solutions for Machine Learning Safety in Autonomous Vehicles is accepted in the Safe AI 2020 workshop! PDF
[Nov 2019] My paper on self-supervised learning for out-of-distribution detection is accepted in the AAAI 2020 conference! PDF
[Nov 2019] (Accepted Now) I released the pre-print of my survey and framework for design and evaluation of XAI systems. PDF Github
[Aug 2019] A pending patent, a presented poster, a full paper submission to AAAI, and an RTX 2080 ti signed by Jensen Huang!. What a summer! Jensen welcomes Santa Clara interns!
[June 2019] I am presenting my DNN safety method at ICML workshop on Uncertainty & Robustness in Deep Learning! link
[April 2019] I am joining NVIDIA for a summer internship on Deep Learning Safety for autonomous vehicles!
[Feb 2019] We are presenting research done by TAMU team at the 3rd DARPA XAI general meeting!
[Jan 2019] Honored to receive the student travel award from ACM/AAAI conference of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society (AIES) to present my PhD proposal as a poster presentation! PhD Proposal Abstract
[Aug 2018] It was a great experience to be with the Bosch RTC and working on a crowdsourcing platform for 3D LiDAR data annotation at Bosch RTC! slides
[July 2018] Glad to give a presentation on Interpretable Machine Learning topic and the LIME algorithm at Bosch RTC Deep learning group here at Pittsburgh! slides
[May 2018] I am joining Bosch research center at Pittsburg for a summer internship!
[Apr 2018] We are presenting TAMU team at the 2nd DARPA XAI general meeting! here
[Mar 2018] I am presenting INDIE Lab at TAMU SIGCHI general meeting! here
[Feb 2018] I am presenting a tutorial on D3.js data visualization library! here
[Jan 2018] SIGCHI Chapter at Texas A&M University! here
[Oct 2017] I am presenting a poster at VIS 2017 conference! PDF
[Jan 2017] We published a public available analytic provenance dataset! dataset paper
[Nov 2016] Our paper on COR optimization algorithm is accepted by AEU journal of electronics and communications!
[older achievements] I worked with Tehran Medical School in 2010 resulting in a medical patent! PatentScope