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Mathematical Short Stories

  I am always looking for students to work with (math talk for Ph.D. students to advise); if you might be interested, look at this page and at some of the resources it links to, and feel free to come by and talk with me.

  While my interests are broad—I have worked on topics from Hopf algebras to numerical analysis—they are centered on algebraic geometry and its applications. You can find out more by looking at my publications which are here. I also have a short page about my research interests, and you can enjoy yourself by looking at a collection of mathematical short stories I have written and illustrated.

My style as an advisor

  I have a vigorous research program, and I feel that students should get started working on projects right away as a way to learn how to do mathematics, from research to collaboration to writing up one's work to presenting it. Many (but not all) of the students who have studied with me are also coauthors, often in collaborations involving other graduate students and postdocs. Students who work with me have the opportunity to travel to professional meetings, both within the US and internationally. They present their work and begin to get to know the worldwide community of mathematicians who work in the areas that I do, including some of my collaborators. I have had continuous research support, which typically includes support for students enabling them to devote more time to research.

  While one's mathematical subject is important, the other aspects of your training are also key to your future career. Students who work with me not only learn how to conduct research, but also learn about all aspects of the profession, including teaching, service, and advising. This mentoring crucially extends to applying for and getting jobs. I am quite serious about the professional development of those who work with me.

  You needn't take my word on this, feel free to contact those who have worked with me:
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