Steven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward, and Ronald A. Finke

MIT Press, 1995



Steven Smith, Thomas Ward, & Ronald Finke:

"Cognitive Processes in Creative Contexts"

Part I: Knowledge and Insight in Creative Cognition

Chapter 1. George Mandler:

"Origins and Consequences of Novelty"

Chapter 2. Robert Weisberg:

"Case Studies of Creative Thinking: Reproduction versus Restructuring in the Real World"

Chapter 3. Kenneth Bowers, Peter Farvolden, and Lambros Mermigis:

"Intuitive Antecedants of Insight"

Chapter 4. Roger Dominowski:

"Productive Problem Solving"

Chapter 5. Jonathan Schooler and Joseph Melcher:

"The Ineffability of Insight"

Chapter 6. Steven Smith:

"Fixation, Incubation, and Insight in Memory and Creative Thinking"

Chapter 7. Thomas Ward:

"What's Old about New Ideas"

Part II: Visual and Computational Approaches to Creative Cognition

Chapter 8. Jennifer Freyd and Teresa Pantzer:

"Static Patterns Moving in the Mind"

Chapter 9. Peter Cheng and Herbert Simon:

"Scientific Discovery and Creative Reasoning with Diagrams"

Chapter 10. Roger Schank and Chip Cleary:

"Making Machines Creative"

Chapter 11. Colin Martindale:

"Creativity and Connectionism"

Part III: General Issues in Creative Cognition

Chapter 12. Todd Lubart and Robert Sternberg:

"An Investment Approach to Creativity: Theory and Data"

Chapter 13. Ronald A. Finke:

"Creative Realism"


Steven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward, and Ronald A. Finke:

"Principles, Paradoxes, and Prospects for the Future of Creative Cognition"

MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts

ISBN# 0-262-19354-X

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