Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Texas A&M University

(979) 845-4893

Prior to this appointment at Texas A&M University, I enjoyed two years as an assistant professor at California Polytechnic State University. I was a post-doctoral fellow at Disney Research Boston and the MIT Computational Fabrication Group, working with Wojciech Matusik. I received my Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dinesh K. Pai. My main research area is computer graphics and animation, specializing in physically based animation, biomechanical simulations, and computational fabrication.


Texas A&M University California Polytechnic State University
  • CSC 102 - Fundamentals of Computer Science II: 2015S
  • CSC 471 - Introduction to Computer Graphics: 2016S, 2014F
  • CSC 474 - Computer Animation: 2016W, 2015W
  • CSC 500 - Physically Based Animation: 2016S


Ying Wang
Ph.D. Student
Nicholas Weidner
Ph.D. Student
Margaret Baxter
M.S. Student
Yura Hwang
M.S. Student
Steven Leal
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Gustavo Lopez
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Seung Heon Sheen
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