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Office: 353 Blocker

E-mail: drpeyam at tamu dot edu


Math S4062 (Intro to Modern Analysis II)

Math 308 (Differential Equations)

Math 251 (Engineering Mathematics III)

Math 409 (Advanced Calculus I)


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List of Publications


1) Asymptotic PDE Models for Chemical Reactions and Diffusions (PhD Thesis, UC Berkeley, 2016)

2) Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchowski Equations (Joint paper with my PhD advisor Prof. Craig Evans, SIAM Journal of Analysis, 2016)

3) Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchowski Equations in Several Dimensions with General Potentials (Joint paper with Insuk Seo, Calculus of Variations and PDE, 2020)