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Given the physical data that reach our sensory systems (e.g., light falling on the retina, joyful music reaching our ears, or abstract signs and symbols that we see everyday without paying much attention), how does the mind process and store them?  How does the brain integrate new information into an existing conceptual structure?  How are our emotions, moods, and other tacit knowledge (including propensity, inclination, personality and beliefs) that meshed into our brains influence our behavior consciously and unconsciously? For sure, newly acquired knowledge influences our behavior. But how? Does it affect the way we move or hit a keyboard? Does it manifest not only inside the brain but also in our overt behavior, such as the way we talk, move, sit and speak? If so, can we develop a computer program that can detect people’s feelings, moods, and propensities?  My research has addressed these fundamental questions of knowledge formation / representation by focusing on the issues relevant to emotion and cognition, brain-computer interface, affective computing, and unconscious semantic processing



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