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Core I/O Faculty

Winfred Arthur, Jr., vita;  stuff;  (Ph.D., University of Akron).
Research interests: Personnel psychology; testing, selection, and validation; human performance, team selection and training, training development, design, delivery, and evaluation; complex skill acquisition and retention, models of job performance, meta-analysis.

Mindy E. Bergman (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign).
[Area Head, Industrial/Organizational Psychology]
Research interests: Sexual and racial harassment and discrimination, organizational climate, organizational commitment, situational judgment tests.

Stephanie C. Payne (Ph.D., George Mason University).
Research interests: The measurement and prediction of efficiency in the workplace; criterion development and performance appraisal; individual differences (e.g., goal orientation); predictors of turnover including organizational commitment and work-family conflict; antecedents and outcomes of safety climate.

Isaac E. Sabat (Ph.D., George Mason University).
Research interests: Workplace discrimination; stigmatization, identity and identity management, health and well-being, work-life balance, team diversity.

Charles D. Samuelson (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara).
Research interests: Computer–mediated communication and group processes, behavioral decision making, conflict management in multi-party environmental disputes.

Affiliated Faculty

Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell (Ph.D., Purdue University).
Department of Psychology, and Africana S
tudies Program
Research interests: How do individual differences for prolonged experiences of ostracism-ignoring and excluding by individuals or groups - affect reactions to exclusionary social interactions over time? This research program identifies distinctions among ostracized targets, including individual differences, grouped individuals, and individuals who belong to stigmatized or marginalized groups. Workplace topics related to this research area include outcomes of being 'out of the loop,' ostracism in LMX relationships, and the Glass Cliff phenomenon. These empirical questions investigated in both laboratory and field settings and from an interdisciplinary prospective.

Kathi Miner (Ph.D., University of Michigan).
Department of Psychology, and W
omen's and Gender Studies Program
Research interests: Interpersonal mistreatment in applied contexts; gender, race, sexual orientation, and other categories of difference in organizations; occupational health; cross-cultural investigations of workplace mistreatment; power and status in organizations; how societal issues and events affect employee relations; physiological responses to workplace mistreatment.

Joint Appointments

Ramona Paetzold (J.D., University of Nebraska; D.B.A., Indiana University)
Department of Management, Texas A&M University
Research interests: Law and statistics, discrimination law.

Management Faculty

The Psychology Department maintains close ties with faculty from the Management Department in the Mays Business School. The faculty members listed below have research interests in the I/O area or have assisted graduate students in the I/O program with research projects. Many of these faculty have also served on Master's and Doctoral committees for I/O students in the Department.

Murray Barrick (Ph.D., University of Akron)
Impact of individual differences in behavior and personality on job performance and the methods of measuring and predicting such differences.  Work team success and the role of team composition, team interdependence, and team processes on team performance.  The influence of candidate self-presentation tactics on interviewers during employment interviews.

Leonard Bierman (J.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Employment and labor law.

Wendy Boswell (Ph.D., Cornell University)
Employee attraction and retention, strategic alignment, work-related stress, and executive job search.

Dan S. Chiaburu (Ph.D., University of Pensyvania)
Organizational behaviors and human resources, lateral (coworker-directed) exchanges, employee prosocial (e.g., citizenship) and proactive (e.g., initiative) behaviors, and training transfer.

Stephen Courtright (Ph.D., University of Iowa)
Team and leadership effectiveness.

Ricky Griffin (Ph.D., University of Houston)
Organizational behavior, task design, quality of work life.

Michael Hitt (Ph.D., University of Colorado).
Strategic human resource management, management issues in recently opened economics, international management.

Duane Ireland (Ph.D., Texas Tech University).

Deidra Schleicher (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University).

Michael Wesson (Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Human resource management and organizational behavior.

Richard Woodman (Ph.D., Purdue University)
Organizational behavior, organizational change & development, creativity.

Cindy P. Zapata (Ph.D., University of Florida)
Organizational justice and trust, supervisor-employee relationships, personality and individual differences.


  Updated February 5th, 2017