From: Quarterdeck Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 1997

Optical backscatter meter (OBS)
 or Light scattering sensor (LSS)

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1. The electonics in the LSS or OBS are embedded in hard epoxy, eliminating the need for an expensive pressure-resistant case. The instrument is powered by the CTD, which also records the data and transmits them to the surface.

2. A special detector measures the light that is scattered into it by particles in the water. The detector is shielded from light being projected right next to it. It is also a "solar blind" detector, which means it does not detect light from the sun. Instead, it detects light that was transmitted from the instrument and has bounced off particles in a fixed volume of water.

3. As the LSS or OBS descends through the water column it projects two beams of light into the water.

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