Global Synthesis of POC Using Satellite Data calibrated with Transmissometer
and POC Data from JGOFS/WOCE

National Science Foundation Grant No. 9986762

Beam Attenuation Coefficient (due to particles) to Particulate Ogranic Carbon regression

Regression between Beam Cp and POC for the Ross Sea based on data from AESOPS, RV N.B.Palmer cruises: NBP 96-4a, NBP 97-1, NBP 97-3, & NBP 97-8.

Beam Attenuation Coefficient profiles were measured using a SeaTech transmissometer interfaced with a CTD.

Particulate Organic Carbon concentration were determined by filtering water samples from Niskin bottles on the CTD rosette.

Data from equal depths were extracted and used for analysis.

A Model II regression has been applied.


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