Global Synthesis of POC Using Satellite Data calibrated with Transmissometer
and POC Data from JGOFS/WOCE

National Science Foundation Grant No. 9986762

Poster presented on 2000 Ocean Sciences Meeting, January 24-28, 2000, San Antonio, Texas.

Prospects for Using Historical Transmissometer Data in Large-Scale Assessment of POC

A.V. Mishonov, W.D. Gardner, M.J. Richardson
Department of Oceanography,
Texas A & M University,
College Station, TX, USA, 77843.

Transmissometer data have been collected using instruments provided by our group over the last decade in collaboration with WOCE, JGOFS, and other large-scale hydrographic programs. These data include basin-wide transects in the North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans. We have proposed to analyze these data and convert the beam attenuation values to POC using the beam attenuation:POC relationships derived by our group during JGOFS Process studies. Stramski et al. (1999, Science, 285: 239-242) have introduced algorithms to estimate POC from satellite backscatter data for the Southern Ocean for both surface values and euphotic zone integrations. In a similar manner, our basin-wide data will be compared with satellite backscattering data on appropriate seasonal and space scales to establish region-specific algorithms. A compilation of historic hydrographic/optical data has been compared by season with recent satellite data by Mishonov et al. (1999, IUGG-99, Vol. B., p. 242) and the results further validate our proposed global synthesis of POC in Case I waters (non-coastal) using satellite-derived data.

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