Global Synthesis of POC Using Satellite Data calibrated with Transmissometer
and POC Data from JGOFS/WOCE

National Science Foundation Grant No. 9986762

Poster and oral presentation were presented to the JGOFS-SMP Workshop, July 10-15, 2000, Woods Hole, MA.

Global POC synthesis from beam attenuation data collected during JGOFS, WOCE
and another programs

A.V. Mishonov, W.D. Gardner, M.J. Richardson
Department of Oceanography,
Texas A & M University,
College Station, TX, USA, 77843.

The objective of this project is to convert extensive beam attenuation data to POC to obtain a global synthesis of POC. By interfacing transmissometers with CTDs we have collected beam attenuation data over the last decade during 17 WOCE cruises and other hydrographic programs. We are using beam cp:POC relationships to convert the beam attenuation data to POC. These relationships have been derived by our group during JGOFS Process studies beginning in 1989 and during other programs. These beam attenuation data include basin-wide transects in the North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans. The raw data reside in our laboratory. We are beginning to extract the data, convert them to POC and compile a data inventory for this global data set.
The data are in several different formats from the many different programs. The raw transmissometer data and the corresponding CTD data are will be put into a standard format and entered into a data base along with the appropriate metadata (station location, time, etc.).
We presently have preliminary assessed 27 data sets consisting of more than 2300 transmissometer casts to add to the 19 cruises worth of data obtained during JGOFS. Considerable work is needed in quality control and processing the new data to make them compatible with JGOFS data sets. These data sets are particularly useful because spatial coverage of the new data sets is much greater than was available from JGOFS.

PowerPoint presentation

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