Global Synthesis of POC Using Satellite Data calibrated with Transmissometer
and POC Data from JGOFS/WOCE

National Science Foundation Grant No. 9986762

WOCE and other Lines
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WOCE Lines: Pacific Ocean

p14c p14n p16a/p17a p16c p16s p17c p17e/p19s
p17n p17s p18s p19c s04p - -
WOCE Lines: Atlantic Ocean
a16n (McTT) a21 a24 Oc-134 WBEX-1 S.A.V.E.-1 S.A.V.E.-2
S.A.V.E.-3 S.A.V.E.-4 S.A.V.E.-5 S.A.V.E.-6 (a16c) S.A.V.E. 1-6 map - -
WOCE Lines: Indian Ocean
i03 i04/i05e/i07c i05e/i08n i07n i09n i10 s04i
Indian Ocean: Arabian Sea Southern Ocean: Ross Sea Equatorial Pacific : EqPac Southern Pasific: APFZ Atlantic Ocean: NABE

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