Photo Gallery

Sediment trap
World's largest sediment trap
Scientific Team
Science crew on Gyre cruise
LAPS ready to go
LAPS- Large-Particle Profiling system
Mary Jo and Wilf
Wilf Gardner and Mary Jo Richardson on R/V Gyre
CTD ready to go
CTD rosette on SAVE Leg 1; R/V Knorr
POPS ready to go
Ian Walsh and Rick deploy POPS - Particle & Optics Profiling System
Anchor for large instrument mooring
Bio-optics profiling system
Glomar Challenger from above
Drill pipes on bow of Glomar Challenger
Just slowdrop
OSU Slowdrop after encounter with ship's shrouded screws

Just another Sunset
Sunset at sea

Sea Fume
Deployment of SeaFlume - an inverted flume to study erosion
Just another Sunrise
Sunrise over the Gulf Stream
Honjo trap
Honjo sediment trap deployment
Panama City
Sunset over Panama City
Just another Rainbow
Rainbow over the Gulf Stream

Ryan and Chack taking the gravity core
Deployment of gravity corer

CTD going down from Gyre
CTD rosette recovery

Ryan waiting for CTD on Sunrise
Life on the R/V Gyre

Gyre in Pascagoula harbour
R/V Gyre

Tempest fugit - storm at sea

Vema C
Sediment trap deployment
Sugarloaf at Rio
Sugar Loaf - Rio de Janeiro
Andera CM
Aanderaa current meter
Clouds at Gulf Stream
Clouds along Gulf Stream boundary
Sediment traps
OSU Slowdrop after encounter with ship's shrouded screws
Drill bits
Drill bit from Glomar Challenger
Recirculating experimental flume
WetLabs Transmissometer
WetLabs ac9 instrument - absorption/attenuation meter
Sequoia LISST for particle size measurements
New Transmissometer
WetLabs Sea Star transmissometer
Old Transmissometer
Sea Tech transmissometer
New Transmissometer: vertical position
WetLabs Sea Star transmissometer

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