Larry W. Yarak

Associate Professor
Department of History
Texas A&M University
4236 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4236


I am a historian of Africa. My research focuses on the Akan peoples of nineteenth-century Ghana (or, as it was known then, the Gold Coast). I am the founding editor of Ghana Studies, the journal of the Ghana Studies Association. I travel to Ghana regularly for research and pleasure, and have visited most of the surrounding West African states. I have also traveled in Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe--all beautiful countries with wonderful people, but very different from West Africa. While an undergraduate at Kalamazoo College (far too many years ago!) I spent my junior year at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. The photo at left was taken by a friend as we hitchhiked from Ibadan to the city of Benin in Nigeria in 1970--yes, that is (or was) me! It was this fantastic experience that led me to devote my career to studying and teaching about Africa. For more about my professional career, see my résumé (pdf document).

Here at Texas A&M I usually offer two courses surveying African history, one on South Africa, and one on Slavery in World History every year. For information about the Texas A&M Department of History, click here.

Courses offered Spring 2016:

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Ghana Studies Association and its journal, Ghana Studies

The Ghana Studies Association (GSA) is an international group of scholars specializing in the study of Ghana. GSA is an Associate Organization of the African Studies Association of the U.S. Recent GSC Newsletters are available online by clicking here, as well as announcements from the GSA President, Dr. Dennis Laumann of Memphis University.

The GSA-sponsored journal, Ghana Studies, is published annually. The journal's web page has tables of contents of published volumes, subscription information, and guidelines for manuscript submissions.

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Interesting Internet Links

Here are a few Internet sites relating to Africa:

A few sites relating specifically to Ghana:

South African sites:

Sites of a politically progressive nature which I have found interesting and enlightening:

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