Project 2

Apply Kernel Size for individual RGB channel, each kernel is 10, Left:only R channel, Median: only G channel, Right: Only B channel
Apply Kernel Size for all RGB channel, Left:(R:3, G:5, B:10) Median: (R:5, G:10, B:15), Right: (R:10, G:15, B:20)
Another filter by slightly change the previous filter, apply Kernel Size for all RGB channel, Left:(R:5, G:2, B:2) Median: (R:8, G:2, B:5), Right: (R:10, G:5, B:2)
This is my original image

Convert to GrayScale

Convert to HSV Scale Image

Adjust HSV Value

Apply PepperSalt Noisy

Apply Gussian Noisy

Apply Kernel for Blur(k=20)