Ph.D. Students (current):

Wenyuan Li

Mohsen Alshahrani

Ph.D. Students (past):

Victor Ginting (Ph.D. 2004) (currently Professor in U of Wyoming)

Paul Dostert (Ph.D. 2007) (Postdoc in U. of Arizona; Faculty in Coker College)

Dukjin Nam (Ph.D. May 2008, Currently in Agency for Defense Development )

Lijan Jiang (Ph.D. May 2008) (Professor Tongji University)

Xianlin Ma (Ph.D., May 2008, co-advisor. Advisor A. Datta-Gupta) (currently at Chevron)

Yan Li (August 2009, currently in Chevron)

Xiaosi Tan (August 2015, faculty)

Guanglian Li (May 2015, currently in University of Hong Kong)

Minam Moon (August 2015, co-advisor. Advisor: Raytcho Lazarov. currently in Korean Military Academy)

Kai Gao (May 2015, co-advisor. Advisor: Rick Gibson. currently in Los Alamos)

Anirban Mondal (joint with B. Mallick. Currently in QRI)

Donald Brown (June 2012, Currently in KAUST)

Jia Wei (June 2012, Currently in CGG Veritas)

Seul-ki Kang (June 2012, Currently in Samsung)

Jiang Xie (May 2012, co-advisor. Advisor: Akhil Datta-Gupta)

Cornelia Kronsbein (September 2012, co-advisor. Advisor: Oleg lliev)

Chak Shing Lee (August 2016), Livermore

Yanfang Yang (December 2016), Guanzhou University

Anastasia Protasov (May 2016), Rice University

Jun Ren ( August 2015), industry

Manal Alotoibi (December 2016), KFUPM

Shuai Ye (December 2016), industry

Wing Tat Leung (August 2017), Assistant Professor City University of Hong Kong

Shubin Fu (August 2017), Wisconsin

Yating Wang (August 2018), Assistant Professor HKU

Yanbo Li (August 2019), Silicon Valley

Min Wang (August 2019), Assistant Prof. University of Houston

Jun  Park (August 2020), Iowa University

Cheung Siu Wun (May 2020), Livermore

Jingyan Zhang (2021), industry

Jiuhua Hu (2021), postdoc University of Wisconsin, Madison

Zecheng Zhang (2021), Assistant Professor Florida State University

Xin Su (2022), Postdoc, UCSB