MATH 308H-200, fall 2006

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The final is going to cover all the material we have done in the course, namely
  • chap 1,
  • chap 2 (ex 2.5),
  • chap 3: 3.1, 3.2, 3.4,
  • chap 4 (ex 4.10),
  • chap 5: 5.1, 5.2,
  • chap 9: 9.5, 9.6,
  • chap 12: 12.2, 12.3
Good luck!
7 Dec 2006
Second project due date
Please have your project ready to submit on Tuesday 5th of December. Extensions are available upon request but are not recommended. Early submissions are welcome.
27 Nov 2006
Second project
The choices for Project 2 are:
  1. 5E (p.312)
  2. 9D (p.575)
  3. 12A-B (p.803)
Please have the projects (referenced by numbers 1,2,3) ordered by your preference --- more preferable first --- for the lecture on Thursday 16 Nov. I will then allocate them so that as many people as possible get the choice which is as high as possible on their list.
13 Nov 2006
Exam 2
The second midterm will be held on Tuesday, 21 November. It will cover second order linear (chapter 4) and solving linear systems using both substitutions and eigenvalues/vectors.
13 Nov 2006
Solutions for Chapter 4 problems
Correct solutions for Custom Edition's Chapter 4 can be found here.
12 Oct 2006
Exam 1
We will have our first midterm on Thursday, 5th of October during our regular lecture time in our regular lecture room. It is a closed book exam but you are allowed to use Maple and any worksheets you might have in your home directory. Here is a sample test. Please note that our exam is likely to be about 50-100% longer (due to more time available and the Honours nature of the course).
1 Oct 2006
Solution of the limsup extra credit problem
Here is my version of the solution.
26 Sept 2006
Dedicated help sessions
We are getting help sessions organized specifically for our class. Our dedicated helper is Dakota Blair and he will be waiting for your questions on Mondays 5-7pm, Wednesdays 5-6pm and Thursdays 5-7pm in Blocker 126.
18 Sept 2006
Homework to be submitted
Please submit your solutions to Chapter I, Project B, part c) on Tuesday, 12th of September. It will be counted towards your grade for the first of two projects required in the class.
5 Sept 2006
Office hours moved
New office hours are Wednesdays 10-11am. If you would like to meet any other day, send me an email.
5 Sept 2006
Maple deal
Maplesoft is offering Maple 10 to students for $55 compared to $99 online or $140 at a bookstore. To purchase a copy, bring $55 (cash, check or Aggie Bucks -- no credit cards) to the Software Evaluation and Licensing Library (SELL) in Teague 1105.
In addition, if you purchased a time-limited copy of Maple 10 for $10 with your purchase of Stewart's Calculus, you may turn in your old Maple CD to SELL and receive a $10 discount, making the price $45. Your new copy will be time-unlimited.
Alternatively, (if you are too lazy to walk to Teague and) if you are enrolled in a class that recommends the use of Maple or Maplets you may purchase a download version of Maple 10 for $75 on-line through the Maplesoft Web Store. You will need to provide a "Promotion Code".
To get further information on any of this or to get the Promotion Code, go to Adoption site.
NOTE: The SELL website is not yet up to date.
29 August 2006
Welcome to Math 308 Honors!
Here I will post the dates of exams and deadlines and, sometimes, post solutions to bonus problems.
25 August 2006

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