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MATH 629 History of Mathematics - Fall 2005

A Survey of Mathematical Problems - Math 645 and 646

Seminar in Algebra

Independent Study in Algebra II

Factoring polynomials with Rational Coefficients

Many courses, from college algebra to graduate algebra, teach or require the knowledge of factoring polynomial with rational coefficients. Yet many of the theorems and procedures I learned in high school aren't taught today. The following link to a .pdf file (see below for a link to Acrobat Reader if you need it) is a handout I constructed and have used with prospective teachers,undergraduate majors, and graduate students. The handout contains all the proofs, which may be ignored by those interested only in the computational aspects. There are theorems that are unusual but useful in here as well. Factoring Theorems

The handout is copyrighted but you have permission to reproduce it and recoup your costs, but you may not publish it as your own or make money on it. Should you make any profit, send me half   :-)

Trying to Make the World a Better Place

Starting in January, 1990 and ending in July, 1994, the Mathematical Association of America's Committee on the Participation of Women put on skits at the Winter and Summer Joint Mathematics meetings. These skits are, we hope, funny and enjoyable but also portray micro-inequities, those small, usually humorous, injustices that often wear at women because they happen so frequently. Unfortunately, almost all of them still occur, but perhaps not as frequently. I hope you will enjoy them too. The following file of the skits is a .pdf file.     Skits     To open the file you may download the Acrobat Reader

I am a trained mediator and was a member of the board of directors of the Dispute Resolution Center of the Brazos Valley.