Jean-Luc Guermond



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Department of Mathematics

Jean-Luc Guermond
Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
FAX: (979) 862 4190
guermond (at)

Research interests:
(i) Numerical Analysis, Finite element approximation, Discontinuous Galerkin methods.
(ii) 3D Navier-Stokes equations, FluidFlows, 3DTurbulence.
(iii) (iv) Conservation equations, Entropy viscosity, HJ equations, Hyperbolic systems.
(v) Multi-scale approximation, Homogenization.

(vi) Radiative Transport.

Finacial support available for PhD sudents on the following three topics (in 2020-2022):

(i) Radiative Transport (Boltzmann equations, Valsov equations, radiative hyrodynamics)
Approximation of hyperbolic systems (shock waves, shallow water models, supersonic/ypersonic flows, astrophysics)
(iii) Magnetohydrodymics  (liquid metal batteries,
astrophysics, tokamak)

Possible internships at national laboratories (LLNL, ERDC, LANL, Sandia, akridge, etc.). See publications for more information.