Jeffrey Kuan

Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University
Blocker Building, Room 525L
College Station, TX 77843
Email: jkuan(at)

About Me:

Howdy! I am an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M. My research interests are in probability and related fields, including representation theory, free probability and mathematical physics.

This webpage is a work in progress! I am passionate about accessibility.

This fall, I will be teaching remotely. I will also spend two weeks in the United Kingdom, funded by the Londom Mathematical Society.

Talk slides and recording for my May 23rd talk at IPAM.
The slides are WCAG2.1AA compliant, and the recording is captioned with a downloadable transcription, as required by Texas Administrative Code Section 206.70 and Texas A&M University System Policy 29.01.04.

Here is my CV as a PDF (updated June 2024).


 Me wearing a math shirt in my hometown of Chicago.