Travel plans for J.M. Landsberg:

Fall 2022

Sept. 30-Oct. 2 TAGS here at A&M

Oct. 27  Optimization, Algebra, and Geometry  seminar, Carnegie Mellon University

Oct. 28  Computer Science  seminar, Carnegie Mellon University

Nov. 20 Columbia U. Computer Science seminar

Dec. 5-10 U. Warsaw Deformation Theory Workshop

Dec. 11-16 IPAM Tensor Methods Worshop


Nov. 13-18 Amy Huang

Dec. 1-2 Daniel Erman and Jan Draisma

Jan. 15-20 Tim Seyannaeve

Feb. 13-17 Liena Colarte Gomez

Spring 2023

May 13-July 13 chaire d'excellence, Toulouse.


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