Workshop: Questions in geometry arising in the sciences.
April 26-27 2012, Texas A&M University
(Talks begin 9am 4/26)
All talks in Blocker 628,

This workshop is  in conjunction with Joe Harris' Maxson lectures and with the annual TAGS (Texas Algebraic Geometry Symposium) to be held here at A&M .  (Here are slides from the Maxson lectures.)

This conference is supported in part by the Institute for  Mathematics
and its Application (IMA) through its Participating Institution (PI)
Program. PI members may use IMA/PI funds to support travel of their
personnel to this conference.

This workshop features lectures by algebraic geometers
who either work on applied questions, or have been paired
with a researcher outside pure mathematics, to present algebraic
geometry questions arising in their areas.  Areas represented
include pattern recognition, statistics, signal processing,
computer science and quantum information theory.

Organized by J.M. Landsberg and Joe Harris
Speakers are paired with scientists (or themselves if they work on applications)

Confirmed speakers and their scientists:

H. Derksen  (U. Michigan) 
is paired with S. Lauritzen (Oxford Statistics)
C. Raicu (Princeton U.) is paired with D. Gross (ETH, Physics)
L. Oeding (UC Berkeley) is paired with  R. Bardeli (
Fraunhofer IAIS, pattern recognition)
J. Huizenga (Harvard U.) is paired with  P. Comon (U. Nice, engineering)
A. Kumar (MIT)
H. Cohn (Microsoft)
R. Thomas (U. Washington)

Titles and abstracts

Some support for travel and lodging is available. Apply via the TAGS webpage.

Thursday 4/26
9-10 am Raicu
10:20-11:20 Derksen
11:40-12:40 Cohn
2:00-3pm Kumar
4-5 Harris  Maxson lecture I

There will be reception in Harris' honor in the evening

Friday 4/27
9-10  Oeding
10:20-11:20 Huizenga
2:00-3 Thomas
4-5 Harris Maxson lecture II

5pm -TAGS begins - there will be a dinner offered
and  an evening lecture for graduate
students given by Sean Keel

Saturday all day - TAGS lectures

Sunday 9am-noon -TAGS lectures