Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Analysis on Graphs and Fractals

University of Wales, Cardiff

May 29th - June 2nd 2007

Organisers: T. Sunada ( Meiji Univ., Japan), B. M. Brown (Cardiff Univ., UK), Y. Colin de Verdiere ( Fourier Inst., France), R. Grigorchuk (Texas A&M Univ., USA), A. Teplyaev (Univ. of Connecticut, USA) and P. Kuchment (Texas A&M Univ., USA)

This workshop is a part of the long term Isaac Newton Institute program "Analysis on Graphs and its Applications" (AGA), which runs from January 8 through June 29, 2007.

Workshop's Theme

The workshop "Analysis on Graphs and Fractals" will be devoted to the problems arising at the interfaces of number theory, combinatorics, discrete groups, random walk theory, fractal theory, as well as mathematical physics and spectral geometry. Among the areas addressed will be in particular spectral theory on graphs, amenability of discrete groups, zeta-functions on graphs, and analysis on fractals.

The workshop is also designated as the South West and South Wales meeting of the London Mathematical Society.

Among the tentatively confirmed speakers are: M. Aizenman (keynote speaker), A. Erschler, B. Hambly, V. Kaimanovich, J. Kigami, M. Kotani, M. Lapidus, A. Lubotzky, V. Nekrashevich, S. Novikov, P. Sarnak (keynote speaker), A. Zuk. Researchers interested in participating in the workshop should submit their application here (a link to be established soon
Questions on the scientific content can be directed to T. Sunada or P. Kuchment.