Modular Categories and Applications  
Indiana University, Bloomington
March 19-22, 2009  


Michael Larsen (Indiana) 

Eric Rowell (Texas A&M)

Zhenghan Wang (Microsoft)

Modular categories have become ubiquitous in many branches of mathematics and have applications to physics and even quantum computation.   The purpose of this conference is to have a gathering of experts studying modular categories from these diverse points of view to encourage the free flow of ideas.  One goal is to establish the study of modular category theory as a subject in parallel to that of group theory.  This conference is supported by a Focussed Research Group grant from the National Science Foundation and the Mathematics Department of Indiana University.

The conference begins Thursday March 19 in the morning and ends at noon on Sunday.   We plan to have approximately 16 speakers, with ample time for discussions.



Tentative Schedule

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Some financial support may be available.  Requests can be made on the electronic registration page below.  


Please register electronically if you plan to attend. The deadline to register and be considered for support (hotel and/or travel) is 19 February, 2009.

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The mathematics department is housed in Rawles Hall, the building just west of the intersection of 3rd Street and Woodlawn Avenue on the north side of 3rd Street.

The talks will be in Swain Hall East, room 140.  The location of buildings can be found by selecting them on the campus map.

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