Ph.D.-Computer Science Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant, SPIES Research Lab, TAMU  

Texas A&M University

Shalini Saini


In Aug 2019, I started my Ph.D. in Cmputer Science under the mentorship of  Dr. Nitesh Saxena as a Graduate Research Assistant with the SPIES - Security and Privacy In Emerging computing and networking Systems research group.  [Expected Graduation- Summer 2023]. I received my MS-Computer Science degree in Spring of 2011 from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL.

Resourceful Graduate Research Assistant passionate about advancing knowledge in technology and cybersecurity through quality research. Self-motivated professional with problem-solving abilities, meticulous, creditable communication, planning, and a strong work ethic. Academic and professional experience with diverse research projects within both collaborative and independent environments. Appreciate the challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

I have an academic and professional background in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Applications. Before joing Ph.D., during my working with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Department of Medicine, I had the opportunity to work with many physicians and researchers, and could see the scope for further reserach to improve healthcare through technological advancements.

I am interested in multidisciplinary research contributing to Cybersecurity, Medicine, and Education.

Please find my attached Curriculum-vitae, Research Statement, and Teaching Philosophy.